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We Are A Professional Marketing Agency Based in Florida With Over 25+ Years In Business

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Make No Mistakes About it! We Feel Our Company Has The Best SEO’s & marketing team in the marketing profession. With over two decades in online marketing. It’s no wonder we are trusted by businesses around the world!

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Find Out About Our Many Different Digital Marketing Programs That Can Help Your Business. We Are The Experts With Over 25+ Years Of Internet Marketing Experience On Our Side. Find Out What We Can Do For You!

Our Agency is a full-service Internet marketing company offers a completely transparent approach to Internet success through sound digital marketing guidance, search engine optimization & marketing that produces search results, quality content, measurable, trustworthy and dependable results for our clients in the United States and around the world. With over 25+ Years in the digital marketing business, we have weathered many algorithm updates, been through almost every type of marketing scenario and know what works.

Our Top SEO services and Internet marketing experience can grow your online visibility and increase your business revenue.

Our company specializes in Internet digital marketing, SEO marketing and ROI Optimization for small to large national accounts. We enjoy Digital Marketing, consulting, SEO, Branding, E-Commerce, Product Marketing, Lead Generation and any other aspect of Internet marketing. We prefer to work with established businesses with a defined monthly marketing budget. 

We will create a custom Internet marketing campaign specifically for your needs. We provide full analytics, keyword research, and reporting that you have access to 24/7, so you’re never in the dark about how well your Digital marketing campaign is performing.

PPC Landing pages are custom designed for maximum conversion using post-click optimization for maximum ROI. Saving corporations millions a year from their currently non-optimized advertising campaigns. Stop shelling out money on poorly converting Digital campaigns. We have over 25+  Years Of Experience as an online marketing company,  We have handled Internet marketing campaigns with over a million dollar a month spends.

Robert DiSalvo SEO  and the staff are far from a glum lot. We are not your T-Shirt and Short clad teenagers that work out of a garage or the type of people that may work on a computer that say they know SEO. We are SEO professionals that are driven stay on top of all the changes to the search engine algorithm’s and work in the SEO profession on a daily basis. Robert DiSalvo Currently Works & Resides In The West Palm Beach Area.

Robert DiSalvo SEO Is well versed in the profession and Internet marketing since 1995, Robert DiSalvo Is considered an Internet marketing & SEO expert and Brings Seriously Experienced Inbound Marketing Campaigns to the table.

Prior To heading BlowFish SEO full Time, Robert DiSalvo Headed very successful internet inbound marketing campaigns for Bella Sante Day Spa’s of Boston and Red Door Spas increasing their yearly Gift Card Sales by over 400% and increasing customer appointments over 300%.

Currently, Robert DiSalvo is focused in the Areas of Voice Search, Mobile Search, and local search algorithms. Robert believes that by 2020 most mobile searches will be conducted by voice on mobile devices or virtual assistants from the home using voice and it is very important to get your SEO positioning in the search engine rankings as soon as possible. As we get further into the future a screen to see searches will become less important especially in Cities like West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

1999 through 2005, Robert DiSalvo held The positions Of Director Of Lucid technologies a search based SEO marketing company, in the first 6 months as a startup in the Internet marketing Industry produced revenue of over 10 million dollars a Year.

1994 through 2000 Robert DiSalvo Held the position of president of New Power BBS the first Palm Beach county Internet service provider with revenues in excess of 8 Million Dollars.

Pre Internet 1984 to 1994 Robert Ran A Major FidoNet Hub In Boca Raton Florida handling Electronic Mail for AT&T and The U.S Government And Started One Of The First Online BBS’s Called New Power in Boca Raton, FL.


If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. There is no reasonable question that our team cannot answer. Voted The Best SEO Expert 2019

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