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Why It’s More Important Than Ever For Palm Beach Dentists To Use Digital Marketing

In West Palm Beach, Do you rely on conventional techniques like advertisements in the yellow pages or on the radio? In case you haven’t adopted digital advertising yet, the future growth of your dental business — maybe even its continuing health as a practice — will suffer as a result.

Has your dental practice stopped attracting new patients at the rate that it once did? That’s because the previous methods of advertising aren’t as effective as they were. Nowadays, at least 90 percent of customers use the Internet to find local companies. Those people aren’t seeing your ads in the telephone book because they’re looking for dentists on the internet. They are not hearing your radio advertisements since they’re streaming audio from their telephones to their cars’ stereo systems.

Digital dental marketing for dental practitioners is not just about reaching a bigger audience — it is also about delivering the right message for every individual. No other system of promotion gives you the capability to target specific clients and client segments; and if you understand who you’re reaching, you can deliver a more effective message.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of SOFLO digital advertising for dentists and find out more about why it is vital to the continuing success of your west palm beach dental clinic.

Dental Digital Marketing Brings Quicker Returns Than Traditional MarketingWest Palm Beach Dental Marketing

If your dental clinic has a healthy marketing budget, then it’s wise to reach prospective patients around as many channels as possible. Traditional advertising channels like radio, television, and local newspapers increase awareness of your practice among individuals in your area. The issue with offline advertising, though, is that it might not have an immediate positive effect on the revenue of your dental practice. You will pay to reach thousands of people, but just some of those people are actually looking for a dentist right now. Your investment goes primarily toward increasing brand awareness as opposed to earning new patients.

At the most common kind of digital advertising — search engine marketing — you cover to achieve only one person at one time. Not only are you targeting individuals highly likely to develop into new patients, but you only pay when someone clicks your own advertisement. Compared to traditional offline marketing, digital marketing has a far more immediate effect on your clinic’s revenue creation.

Digital Marketing Reaches Patients When It Matters
Offline Advertising: Scattershot Targeting, Poor Relevance

A significant drawback of standard marketing is that you can not customize the message to the audience. When you advertise on the radio, as an example, you’ll reach all of the following:

Individuals who aren’t patients and are not currently Searching for dental practitioners
People who aren’t patients yet but Are Searching for dentists
People who are already regular sufferers of yours
Individuals who are regular patients of other dentists
Former patients that haven’t seen your practice in a while
Various types of clients have different needs, but offline advertising does not give you the ability to alter your message dependent on the individual hearing or seeing it. With offline advertisements, each member of this audience gets the same message; and for some, the message won’t be relevant.

A well-orchestrated dental digital marketing campaign lets you target a potential, present or previous patient with the perfect message, at the ideal time and within the perfect channel. These are just a few examples of what you can do with the most common digital advertising channels:

Since digital marketing gives you the ability to target unique messages to different people, your messages will typically be relevant to the men and women who view them and relevance can help to ensure the best possible response rate.

Digital Marketing Helps You Capture and Nurture Leads

Returning to our hypothetical radio advertising above, there is another audience segment that we haven’t discussed: people that are interested in getting dental services but haven’t begun looking for dentists nonetheless.

Right now, there are those in your local area who are considering having their teeth whitened or straightened. There are those who wear dentures, however, may like to get permanent implants. There are people who wish to understand if they need to be concerned about their occasional toothaches. A lot of those individuals are looking online for the answers to their own questions, but they are only researching right now. They aren’t prepared to schedule appointments nevertheless.

Dental Marketing StrategyYou’re able to use targeted website content to reach people looking online for general information about dentistry. A guide that describes how your clinic’s tooth whitening service functions, by way of instance, could receive traffic from people looking for information about how teeth-whitening works or how much it costs. You might also reach those individuals with search engine advertisements. The problem, though, is the fact that it makes little sense to pay for a website visitor who is quite unlikely to schedule a consultation instantly — unless it’s possible to catch that individual’s contact info and put it to use on your future marketing efforts.

Suppose that you publish an article about tooth whitening on your own website. Someone searches online for information for what tooth whitening solutions typically cost in your town and ends up on your website. Your article answers the visitor’s question, so he is happy about his trip and has a positive first impression of your practice — but he isn’t ready to schedule an appointment yet.

Now, suppose that your article has a form offering a significant discount on the very first tooth whitening session to get a new patient. As an alternative, you might offer a 25-page e-book that outlines the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular kinds of tooth whitening treatments. Because your article answered the visitor’s questions, he’d probably like to get additional info or a reduction. Your form can deliver the reward immediately in exchange for the customer’s email address — and when you capture an email address, you create a new lead.

Fundamental Email Marketing

Once you’ve got a website visitor’s email address, you’ve got an open line of communication that you can use to keep that person interested in receiving dental services — and also ensure your practice is the one he calls when he’s prepared to schedule a consultation. Basic email marketing is a highly effective method of accomplishing those aims.

With basic email advertising, you save all your leads’ email addresses in one mailing list. When you send a message, every member of your list receives it. As you’re sending the same message to every subscriber, basic email advertising functions best if you limit your articles to messages comprising general dental ideas and info about your practice’s services and promotions. Your leads will choose to remain on your list so long as they locate your messages usefully.

Earlier in the article, we discussed the fact that traditional advertising is feeble in contrast to electronic advertising for dentists since offline marketing does not give you the ability to personalize the message for your audience. Basic email advertising has the same weakness — but automated advertising doesn’t.

With marketing automation, you write a collection of messages — for a particular audience — in advance.

Suppose you wanted to make an automated advertising and marketing campaign that will begin when a site visitor downloads your e-book about tooth whitening. The campaign might work something like this:

The afternoon following the visitor downloads that the e-book, the campaign can send a message comprising some testimonials and before-and-after photographs from the preceding tooth whitening clients.
One week later, the effort may send a message that alleviates the lead’s anxiety by describing tooth whitening is fast and painless. The message may further clarify that tooth sensitivity will resolve itself immediately.
After another week, the campaign can send a message offering the lead a 50 percent reduction if he schedules an appointment immediately.
When the individual still has not taken action after two weeks, the campaign can send a message offering the lead one complimentary tooth whitening session.
When the patient has not responded at the conclusion of the effort, the marketing automation system may transfer his email address to your main mailing list for additional nurturing efforts.
At every step in the effort, you could have a link to your website along with also a call to action asking the lead to complete a form and schedule an appointment. You could even configure the effort to stop sending messages to an individual once he has finished the form.

The best thing about advertising automation is that once you’ve set up a marketing funnel, you don’t need to interact with it again. Your website creates leads, along your marketing automation system nurtures the leads for you.

Ready to Begin?
Digital advertising for dentists can lead to rapid business growth at a surprisingly affordable price. You are very active, however, and building an omnichannel advertising funnel requires time that you most likely don’t have. We can assist. BlowFish SEO Dental Marketing is a knowledgeable digital services supplier for dental practitioners. Get Your Free website assessment to learn more about what we can do to help your dental practice grow.

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