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Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial advertisements

Rest assured if you know your marketing message is seen by the relevant audience. Every facet of your campaign is handled and executed flawlessly with BlowFish SEO efficient email campaign management services and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Complete Email Marketing Process

Your one-stop-solution for reaching and acquiring new customers. BlowFish SEO Email Marketing helps to ensure that all the process gets handled and executed with meticulous care.

At BlowFish SEO, we are a full-service e-mail marketing management company and through our integrated Target and Deploy Email marketing services. Our best practice customer acquisition process enables top brands, leading agencies, and entrepreneurial growth companies to profile core prospecting segments, reach scalable local and national audiences, and deploy targeted campaigns through premium email delivery partners.

Here’s a summary of our turn-key process:


Analyze Your Ideal Market. Find out about your ideal market through advanced analytics, demographic enhancements, psychographic clustering, behavioral appends, and customized statistical models.


Attain the Largest Universe Available. Leverage a universe of active verified emails for targeting through real-time multi-channel data fields to be expanded target universes and audience reach for scalable customer acquisitions.


Verify the Deliverability of your respective Data. Dramatically increase campaign ROI, boost inbox delivery, and protect valuable mailing reputation with top in class email hygiene services.


Deliver Your Message with Premium ESPs. Our dedicated deliverability team seamlessly delivers state of the art inbox capabilities with white glove ESP partners for unparalleled results and ROI.

Automated Delivery Routing

Determine the Best Route to Inboxes. Optimize inbox placement through our intelligent and responsive ADR system for heighted brand awareness, increased impressions, and effective conversions.


Increase Ongoing Campaign ROI. Gain timely comprehension of core performance metrics and

continuously increase ROI with efficient reporting, controlled tests, creative enhancements, delivery analysis, custom modeling, plus more.

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