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Our PPC Management services enable you to get new customers. PPC Management is the practice of marketing your company. When people look for a product or service such as yours on Bing or even Google, we’ll help your organization to be at the very top.

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Our PPC Management Services helps your Company Develop New Business in two Specific ways:

Generate quality traffic and boost your conversions:

Fuel your website gaining visitors that are high quality and watch your conversions soar through the roof from our company with over 29 Years of Internet marketing experience. There are more than 3 billion searches daily. These searches are filled with people searching for solutions and answers. A proportion of those searches are issues that your company solves. Through the usage of BlowFish PPC management and Post Click Optimization solutions, you are able to capture clients.

PPC Management & conversion focused Post Click expert
conversion focused Post Click expert

Get results immediately:

Visitors will be driven by search ads to your website immediately once we can get you set up and running. On Google’s front page at the top immediately. You pay per click in your Google Ads search advertisements for that position. It’s super important your paying for clicks that are going to convert. All the while making sure your cost per conversion isn’t greater than the value you are going to get from the customer. We typically show a 20% or higher conversion ratio than any other PPC company you have previously been with.

We are geared to the serious PPC client that has a spend of Two thousand or more per month with Google

Note: Unless you’re trained in conducting a PPC management campaign, you really should outsource it. Google makes it effortless to begin your own AdWords campaign, but it requires the expertise to maximize it.

Launch Your PPC Management Campaign

Our Google Ad’s Professionals Will Make Your PPC Marketing Campaigns Successful

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Understanding how your competition is currently conducting their Google Ad’s campaign can be a benefit. We are going to provide you with insight into their spend bids and landing pages.

PPC Landing Page Development

PPC Landing Page Development

Our Design team is well known for creating some of the highest converting landing pages for PPC We will Create A custom page for your Business. This page will be optimized to get best conversions

Ad Copy and Content Creation

Ad Copy & Content Creation

BlowFish will create Ad copy & set up your Google Ad’s campaign & configure all settings. Multiple advertisement variations will be created & modified to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.

Keyword Research by BlowFish

Keyword Research

Researching the best keywords to bid on is the basis of a successful Ad campaign. We are going to research keywords & costs to ascertain which keywords have the best ROI potential.

Do You Want To Make Your Business Grow Fast?

PPC Management Services: The BlowFish Process

#1: Assign a Google Ad’s Expert to your Account

We’ll assign an experienced Pay Per Click marketing specialist to work with your advertising campaign. This individual will be proficient and trained in Google Ads and conduct campaigns. We develop a plan that is appropriate for you and will learn about your company.

#2: Identify Keyword Opportunities For Your Small Business

Spend money on the keyword phrases that are cheapest. We’ll do research to locate opportunities for your small business. Keywords are the search phrases that people type into search engines if you’re searching for something they’re interested in. We quantify rivalry, search traffic, and prices linked to pick the best key words for your own marketing effort and research tens of thousands of keywords.

#3: Examine Competition

We keep our eye’s on the competition. We will evaluate what your opponents are doing in the search engines. By identifying weaknesses and strengths we will have the ability to come up with a smarter strategy for your effort.

#4: Ad Production

Create search engine advertisements. For every single advertisement, we target the ads, copy, and write the headline. We will split test advertisements to be identified as top converting champions.

#5: Post Click Optimization

We will Post Click Optimize Your landing pages for the highest conversions possible. All included with your monthly PPC management fees. In most cases, we can up your conversions by 20% or more all while lowering your cost per click

#6: Monitor Your Advertising and Boost

Identify regions of your advertising campaigns. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the effort. If conversions start to decrease, we pause advertisements and will correct it. We then re-start ad’s to help keep the good results flowing.

#7: Reporting and Communication

Know what your paid search advertising is doing. Your advertisement specialist will prepare coverage that you review. Additionally, conversion monitoring will be installed by us. This may report the number of conversions we’re currently producing using our PPC management solutions without invisible PPC pricing.

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