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Nolo.Com Reviews | Why You Shouldn’t Use

If you’re searching for an online marketing company to get leads for your law office, you’ve probably come across Nolo. You better read Nolo reviews first, Nolo, formerly known as Nolo Press, is a publisher in Berkeley, California, that produces do-it-yourself legal books and software that allows people to handle simple legal matters such as making wills or writing business partnership contracts. They also sell leads to Law Offices, At first glance, Nolo can look like a viable way of generating leads for your Law Practice, low prices, and a sales pitch. Don’t be fooled. Read this Nolo review to understand why Nolo isn’t worth money or your time. Here are 4 of the problems with Nolo:

Nolo com Reviews Not as good as they say

Problem #1: You Have To Pre-pay A Large Amount Up Front

Despite the fact that you’ve given the outline of the leads best suiting for your Law Office, and you are paying a fee that is high, you get the wrong leads such as if your a Criminal Attorney You Get Slip and Fall Leads that are not even qualified. Nolo has gotten a bad reputation and become Known For This. 

Problem #2: People Duped Into Filling Out A Form, No Interest In Working With An Attorney

The People Going To Nolo are looking for a Book To get do it yourself legal documents from a book. We found out that when these people Fill out a form on Nolo besides  Nolo sending them a Book of documents they use that information and send it as a lead at a high cost. In most cases, a do-it-yourself type is looking for this book of documents because they don’t have the means to pay an attorney.

Problem #3: High Rates, Low Payoff, and Lost Time

With Nolo a considerable amount of wasted time, time calling time emailing leads, leads, time setting up appointments for time, and leads wasted for no-shows.

A Group of Attorneys looked up all of the leads we received from Nolo to determine if the prospects did retain a Divorce Attorney and filed Bankruptcy and many did not that in my opinion, this is a good indicator they are bad leads.

With NOLO consider it, you spent countless hours chasing down leads, some are completely false, most are just phoning to pick your mind, hardly any employ you,  just think of how long you’ve wasted time when you could set your time generating prospects that aren’t SHARED.

When you Get spam leads from Nolo, You Need to be quick about getting credits, it takes time and is another Bookkeeping Job. That brings up another point.

Problem #4: No Refunds At All.

Read your contract NO REFUNDS, Nolo will hold you to the contract no matter unhappy you are.

Don’t feel these Nolo Com Reviews Are Accurate? See For Yourself:

Reviews has a bad track record when it comes to customer satisfaction

The overview of a majority of Nolo Com reviews on Trustpilot indicates an extreme amount of difficulty and frustration Law Firms have when working with Nolo. From 5-stars, Nolo receives just 1 for customer satisfaction. Customers’ complaints are very long and terrifying. We mentioned their grievances range from providers that don’t attract earnings, to client support, to lawsuits or accounts and harassment. Plenty of women and men deem Nolo as a”fraud and a scam.” They urge others”do not use this company.” Learn from such customers’ experiences before going on your own and signing up with them

Who Can Help Me With My Law Firm Marketing?

Found These Nolo Com Reviews Bad?

Deciding who to hire to go to for lead generation for your law Businesses website can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Who do you use? Who can you trust? After analyzing this Nolo review we hope you find that Nolo is not the solution. If you’re interested in an affordable, effective, and commendable Attorney Marketing solution, contact us. We’re an SEO marketing company in South Florida that has helped Law Firms all over the United States achieve their goals with super low cost, Targeted, and freshly generated prospects. And we can help you! Contact Us Today!

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