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Not a single week goes by I mention that business owners need to do link building in Greenwich to make links for SEO and that I’m talking with a local or small business owner. To which they respond, “How do I get links to my website? Will, we need to hire a person that does link building?”.

As the difference shrinks between what Google uses as ranking factors, and what they use as local factors for link building in Greenwich, it’s important to understand Greenwich link building strategies that will help your organization rank for search terms within a geographical location.

Below you will find 6 link building strategies that will assist your business website to rank better within Google. They all have a common theme running through them, try to figure it out.

Link Building Greenwich Strategy 1: Utilize Chamber Of Commerce Websites

This is just one link that every business and their link building strategy should add together to get links to their website.

Chamber of commerce websites is the center of most cities and towns. It’s where many of the movers and shakers meet to talk business and build relationships.

Every town has at least one Chamber of Commerce, and some cities such as Greenwich, Hartford, or New York have locations — usually based on local or surrounding cities. So your next question might be, “Which location should I join?”. The easy answer is, the number of them which you can actively engage with — after all, the link from their website is fantastic, but by attending their events, the relationships you build will cover off ten-fold.

Keep In Mind: One of the primary ranking things that Google uses for ranking local results is the consistency of your Name, Address, and Phone Number ( known as NAP) across local record websites. So, make sure the NAP you give the local Chamber is the same as you have used across all your regional SEO campaigns.

Tip #2 Sponsorships are a terrific way to build Greenwich local links.

To locate local sponsorships easy search Google for sponsorship “city”. This will yield sponsorships that institutions, nonprofits, and businesses are providing in your local area.

Keep In Mind: When choosing a sponsorship it’s important to decide on the sponsorship that aligns with your beliefs, and one that you’d be proud to associate with your business. This is one of my link building in Greenwich strategies and may be used for national or local businesses.

 Tip #3  College Scholarships Link Building How To.

Colleges and high schools will offer scholarships for their students to help offset the cost of getting a college education. Offering a scholarship, even if it’s only a few hundred dollars, to a student who needs help paying for college for books or tuition is extremely rewarding.

To find Greenwich, CT scholarship opportunities you can either contact the schools directly or many will have a scholarship page on their website which will link to external websites offering scholarships. These pages can be found by typing “school name” & Scholarship into Google. We really like this link-building strategy for small businesses, as it is all about creating exceptionally valuable content.

Tip #4 Build City Guides Link Building Strategy

We have discovered that producing city guides are a simple way to get mentions on local websites, as well as getting links from convention and visitors bureaus — both that have a national and local price.

Keep In Mind: Earning links with these guides is the easy part, making them in a manner that provides value can be very hard. They include information and valuable content, and must have an awesome layout — or you’re just wasting your time. If you anticipate your city guide referenced and to get found by media outlets, do not expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars to create a graphic for someone — it needs to be something really amazing.

Tip #5 Link Building Strategy  Play It, Forward

This strategy may not make you an inbound link, but it’s a great way to help and return to your community in Greenwich. This strategy is about networking with others and karma. In my opinion, partnering with other regional companies is the brand new”reciprocal link” strategy.

All too often we see companies that are offering comparable or exact same service as direct competitors. We forget that we’re all in this together. Most companies have a core service or product, and then by necessity, they have secondary services (or products) that are simply there to provide a more well-rounded offering.

We at BlowFish SEO discovered this to be true when we stopped thinking of every agency and began learning about what they did well. We could then have a strategic conversation about how we could have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Another example is we associate with many companies that do amazing website design work but don’t have the search engine optimization resources in-house to take their website designs.

So how does this result in getting an inbound link to help with your SEO rankings that are local? Amazing question. Virtually every website is to add value to their custom website through great content — so in a nutshell, guest posts.

Not all competitors will be a partner, but when thinking about the landscape to your own company, consider how you are able to match a competitor of yours and build a connection.

Do you see the common thread running through all those Greenwich link-building strategies? They are about engaging with the community and immersing yourself. They are all about giving back, networking, getting a resource in your community, and going beyond simply having a website and business location.

Are You Interested in Link Building in Greenwich?

When it comes to link building, it is important to work with professionals.  At BlowFish we are an SEO company in all aspects of Internet marketing, including link building. Get a free website assessment today to learn more

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