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Blog Writing Services | Why You Must Tag Your Posts

Blog writing services know the value of blogs. Blogs are a wonderful way to boost SEO and improve the online visibility of your company. Let us take a look at how to get your business seen!

How Do Blog Writing Services Boost Posts With Tags?

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Blog Writers Make Good Use Of Subcategories And Tags

Use target tags and subcategories in your blog. Every post narrows and your off-page and on-page SEO increases based on your tags. These are found on networking pages and can boost the visibility of your website for most media platforms that are in social media channels.

Blog Writers Use These Methods To Boost Rankings

It is very important that you’re currently using blog articles and content writing as a means to boost rankings. Attempt to integrate keywords throughout the body, your site’s title, and call-to-action. Rankings affect your organization’s website visibility based on search phrases and match text algorithms. Plus, a good guideline is to create your headings and subheadings bigger than the body because font size translates importance.

Blog Usability, Ease Of Use

It is very important that you’re currently optimizing usability throughout your website. Makes sure the blog tab on your website is laid out to refer to what it is. It should be on any sidebars or footers in addition to your menu.

Optimize it for users based on dates that are published and different each post. Thus, blog posts can be read by your audience over and over as they go through your pages.

Taking Notes will help with Blogging

Do You Need Help With Blogging Our Blog Writing Services Can Help?

We know the value of having great experienced marketers like BlowFish for your blogging efforts. Using the perfect type of Internet marketing can either make or break your efforts. We are your specialists for all your digital marketing needs with over 25+ Years of Experience! Face it the internet has Been here for thirty years of this writing. Do you really want amateurs, scammers handling your marketing budget? Contact BlowFish, to consult with true Internet Marketing Experts.

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Robert DiSalvo SEO

Robert DiSalvo SEO Is well versed in the profession and Internet marketing since 1995., Robert DiSalvo Is considered an Internet marketing expert and Brings Seriously Experienced Inbound Marketing Campaigns to the table.

Prior To heading BlowFish SEO full Time, Robert Headed very successful internet inbound marketing campaigns for Bella Sante Day Spa's of Boston and Red Door Spas increasing their yearly Gift Card Sales by over 400% and increasing customer appointments over 300%.

Currently, Robert DiSalvo is focused in the Areas of Voice Search, Mobile Search, and local search algorithms. Robert believes that by 2019 most mobile searches will be conducted by voice by mobile devices or virtual assistants and it is very important to get your positioning in the search engine rankings as soon as possible.

2005 To 2013 Robert DiSalvo Held Practice as an Internet Inbound Marketing Consultant for various web based companies.

1999 through 2005, Robert held The positions Of Director Of Lucid technologies in the first 6 months as a startup in the Internet marketing Industry produced revenue of over 10 million dollars a Year.

1994 through 2000 Robert Held the position of president of New Power BBS the first Palm Beach county Internet service provider with revenues in excess of 8 Million Dollars Pre Internet 1984 to1994 Robert Ran A Major FidoNet Hub In Boca Raton Florida handling Electronic Mail for AT&T and The U.S Government And Started One Of The First Online BBS's Called New Power in Boca Raton, FL