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Domain Names | What To Think About When Choosing

Choosing the proper domain names for a website is important in a number of ways. One is currently branding, another is search engine positions, and there is a third goal audience/market. Mistakes can be made, and it’s far better to prevent them in the beginning than to attempt to fix them, so right from the beginning of making a website, the domain name itself should be given lots of thought. Read through to find out more.

choosing a domain name branding or keywords

Target Audience & Market For Your Domain Name

The most important search engines, such as Google, have regional (country-specific) variations where people have the ability to search only for websites and pages which are related to the nation. There are two ways for the search engines to know which websites have to do with a country. One is the location of the server where the website is hosted, and the other one is the top level domain extension (TLD). The TLDs of the US, for instance, are .COM, Net, .US, EDU, etc.. Unless a website has a country’s domain name extension or is hosted in the country, it will not be returned at a high level in the SERP results when people search for websites and pages.

If a company website is targeting individuals in the USA it’s important to get a top level domain name extension for the United States. Hosting a website with a .com domain in the USA if its hosted in the USA, but if the website targets a nation like Ireland, then it is much safer to go with Irelands’ top-level domain name extension and have the website hosted in Ireland.

For a global audience and searches that are not country-specific, it is not really essential to take into account the TLD, although .com, .net, etc. domains could be favored in the search results.

Search Engine Rankings (keywords in domain names)

Search engines use keywords in domain names as a factor, and it’s better to include keywords unless you have a website that is being branded. The domain name words should be separated with hyphens. E.g. Florida-hotels. Com instead of Floridahotels. com. Search engines treat hyphens as spaces, so the very first domain name is”Florida Hotels” as far as the search engines are concerned, whereas the second one is”Floridahotels” all one word, and a phrase that people do not search on, so it does not help with the search engines ranks. The example does help for’Florida Hotels’.

Branding (business name) By Domain Names

It goes without saying that, when branding a business or a business is vital, the domain name should be the brand’s title. It is essential if the company targets people in a country, using the TLD

A domain name won’t prevent the website from performing in the search engines because of its key phrases, it does not add any aid for purposes.

Some brands that online unite the brand with keywords. In the united states, As an example, we’ve got a TV marketing company called M3 Studios. Sadly, the term”M3 from the domain name does not help with rank for ‘Studios’ or Miami, since it isn’t another word. On the other hand, using different words (M3-Studios), so the domain name assists with the SERPs, Hyphened domain names are not great for people to type in their browsers. Keywords in domains are useful for positions.

Separating keywords with hyphens is good when people are not expected to type the domain URL into a browser. For branding, it’s much better to not use hyphens. People will have difficulty getting to your site if they forget the hyphen in the domain or they have not bookmarked your site.

Domain Name Branding vs keywords

With The Proper Domain Name Planning

Right from the beginning of having a website created, consideration should be given to its domain name. Use the domain name extension of the nation if the company targets 1 country. Unless they coincide if the company is to be branded, then use the domain name for the name, rather than for keywords. If the domain name is not significant as a brand, then make up the domain of keywords, separated by hyphens that you are trying to rank for. If you are planning on having a website created for a new or old business. Contact BlowFish SEO With 27+ Yrs Of Internet marketing Expertise we can help set up your Internet presence From Start to Finish and make sure it’s done right the first time.

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