10 Reasons To Use Wordpress

Reasons To Use WordPress All 10 Of Them

The reasons to use WordPress are becoming a no-brainer! It is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the entire world.  WordPress accounts for over 60 percent of the websites on the Internet which use a CMS on the world wide web. In reality, it is used in one out of every five websites online and assists 100,000 new websites to come online daily.

What exactly are the top 10 reasons to use WordPress that will benefit your own website also?

Reasons to use WordPress In Florida
Reasons to use WordPress In Florida


#1 WordPress is open-source

It usually means there are hundreds and hundreds of WordPress developers all over the world working night and day to improve the machine. And not one of what they do costs you a cent. Free security and feature upgrades, every quarter? You bet. Would you say about your CMS supplier?

What was WordPress’s biggest drawback — its open-source character (in other words, nobody possesses it, therefore no-one is able to encourage it) — has really been its biggest advantage. The neighborhood of WordPress developers throughout the world who continue to enhance it 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, is difficult to compete with.

#2 WordPress providers? No Problem!

If you use WordPress, among those things you may realize is that you will not ever be locked to a certain web development provider. You’ll not ever need to experience the same “hostage” situation where your website is designed on a specific, bespoke system and you can not transfer to a new supplier.

With WordPress, you’ve got access to a nearly unlimited pool of programmers.

#3 WordPress leaves SEO Easy

WordPress began life as a blogging system but has become a strong content management system that’s flexible enough to be utilized for much over blogging. The wonderful tradition that WordPress is famed for and that has made it adored by bloggers and entrepreneurs alike is its highly effective SEO (search engine optimization ) attributes, which can be baked into the heart of this CMS. You can not place a price on great SEO!

#4 WordPress is Simple to Use

Again and again, our customers get awestruck once we show them their new WordPress website for the very first time and walk them through the way simple their new government will be. They simply can not believe how simple it’s to publish posts and alter the content. Since WordPress is so extremely popular, one current advantage for you is that a lot of individuals have experience with using it, therefore it will become much easier and quicker to train new workers or editors when they connect your business.

One of our customers summarised it best when he explained:

“The fact is working with WordPress is so easy – almost foolproof!  – and that is exactly what is needed. Everyone can log in and begin using it” 

#5 WordPress has plenty of extensions (plugins)

Given the prevalence of WordPress, it is not surprising that a good deal of programmers has created extensions because of this. From the WordPress world, these extensions are called “plugins”. They are bits of code — quite often free — that expand the core functionality of your website and conserve your programmer time (which conserves your cash ).

#6 WordPress is older and more mature than other CMS

WordPress is more than ten years of age. It is not buggy and it will not crash your website or eliminate your data. During the last ten years, WordPress was refined, tested, and improved. In the process, it has developed into a world-class web publishing system.

#7 WordPress includes a bullet-proof reputation

Thinking about creating your website a WordPress one? Then you are in great company. WordPress is trusted by Fortune 100 businesses from The New Yorker and Bloomberg to government organizations, which run their companies and services on this CMS.

#8 Reasons To Use WordPress is scalable

If you’re a publisher or event planner, you may need more than 1 website to market a variety of pieces of your company. With WordPress, that is not an issue. WordPress, using its multi-site capacities and theme-based construction, will permit you to generate new websites within a few days along with a fraction of the initial investment.

#9 WordPress enjoys multi-language Websites

Multi-Language Reasons To Use WordPress in case you have offices in more than 1 country, you likely require localized websites for each of them. WordPress websites are simple to replicate and personalize so handling various distinct websites in many different languages and time zones is a slice of cake.

#10 WordPress is a Real Powerhouse

Huge sites with countless views daily use WordPress. Here are Reasons To Use WordPress here are only a few of the large commercial & eCommerce websites using it. Mashable, Techcrunch, Breast360, and Metro. Just those few sites should give you a good idea of how impressive WordPress is!

SEO For WordPress Another Reason To Use WordPress
SEO For WordPress Another Reason To Use WordPress

Reasons To Use WordPress Are Becoming Endless.

If You Are Considering a new website or want to convert an old website to the WordPress platform. Contact BlowFish. We have been creating websites with it for over a decade. We will be happy to advise you and even have WordPress Hosting.

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