Best SEO Experience Yet

I had a wonderful experience with Robert and his company. Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. It is very difficult to find trustworthy people in this type of industry and you can rest assured your money will be spent well with this company!

Knows Exactly What He’s Talking About!

Rob knows exactly what he’s talking about! Smooth transaction, he’s very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO 100% recommended!


Wins With MuscleRoast.Com Hands Down

Blink Media is extremely professional and amazing at what they do. My project were always completed on time and to satisfaction without any issue. Anyone that is looking for consulting or needs any sort of assistance with digital marketing, including SEO, should strongly consider Blink Media. Muscle Roast & I will definitely hire for my next project. 

Corporate E-Commerce Customer

I have been using Robert DiSalvo SEO for years Even before opening BlowFish SEO. All I can say is that he does what he says he can do. He never over promises but he always over delivers. I can say most of our revenue source is attributed to Roberts SEO work on a national basis. I have used about 8 other Palm Beach SEO firms and none of them has ever come close to achieving the results that Robert DiSalvo and Blowfish SEO has.

Local Electrician SEO Client

Blowfish SEO was very easy to deal with and exceeded my expectations for West Palm Beach SEO of my electrical contracting business, Increased Revenue and finally enabled us to understand what actually is going on with our Website.

Corporate SEO Palm Beach E-Commerce Client

Very Professional For The Corporate Client. We have done business with several other Palm Beach SEO companies in the past and BlowFish SEO had to be the most professional of the companies we have done business with.

Blowfish SEO Provided a timeline for all deliverable with methods that they would use to achieve our results. Members of the team got into a scheduled conference call with our company and thoroughly explained their position and what part of our national campaign they were responsible for and what to expect. Everything was fully in line with the printed materials we had received.

Blowfish provided complete transparency by Giving us full Access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console statistics as well as other tracking tools we could use to monitor our progress with their professionals as well as our own in-house professionals for our six months national SEO campaign with them.

As indicated in the timeline they hit on the mark every time. We got the first pages positions we wanted saving us over 75k a month in pay per click.

They are expensive, However, you do get everything that’s promised with written agreements to back it up.

This company will now be our go-to SEO firm for any and all future projects.

Personal Training Site Customer

*We needed a solution on the search engines for people that wanted to “Hire A personal Trainer” along with some other key phrases nationally, Robert DiSalvo SEO was the person to go to. not only did he put us in number one position for the term “Hire A Personal Trainer” out of two million two hundred and twenty thousand results. The results are still there on the first page after 3 years! Robert did the same with the rest of our terms and our signups went through the roof. Robert can do what he says.

*Please ask us about this customer and we will be happy to provide results and Stats!

Boston Day Spa Gift Cards Marketing Customer

*Robert DiSalvo SEO, provided amazing results, not only did he do the SEO on our spa day sites for Our Boston Day Spas, Robert also handled our Yelp, Linkedin and Facebook campaigns, Our Boston Day Spa Gift Cards and gift certificates Sales increased by over $500,000 dollars for the month of December alone due to his efforts, After Three years Still on the first page for the term “Boston Day Spa Gift Cards” Well worth the investment.

*Please ask us about this customer and we will be happy to provide results and Stats! See giftrocket gift card & Giftrocket Reveiws.

Took my Food market to a whole new level.

Robert DiSalvo SEO Now BlowFish SEO took my Food market to a whole new level. Robert not only Exploded my visibility/exposure online he also made the income for my Juno Beach business skyrocket. I can directly attribute Roberts efforts to my increasing business sales.

*Please ask us about this customer and we will be happy to provide results and Stats!

I look like a multi-million dollar company

Took me to a whole new level. This company and level of service is completely amazing from their media department to their SEO and social media marketing Depts. These guys just blew me away and make my business look like a multi-million dollar company. They pull off the execution of my campaigns flawlessly every time. I have turned over 100% of all my marketing needs to BlowFish. Friendly, Trustworthy And know what they are doing.

Jane Tompsett Ran A West Palm Beach Seo Campaign

What an incredible job Blowfish SEO

I Just want to say what an incredible job Blowfish SEO did for us. Digital Marketing is the way to go. We are very pleased with the results we have been getting from Blowfish Seo outstanding phone calls from their listings, and customer leads. I highly recommend this company for all your marketing, and advertising needs. Thanks again Blowfish!

Very Easy To Deal With

Blowfish SEO were very easy to deal with and exceeded my expectations, Increased Revenue and finally enabled us to understand what actually is going on with our Website..