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We’re a passionate and committed SOFLO Website Design Company. We’ve designed and developed over 350 Web Projects from the SOFLO and greater Florida State area during the past couple of years.

BlowFish is a SOFLO based website design firm and full-service search engine optimization agency specializing in BlowFish web design, web development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. We begin all web design and web development projects by targeting the end results and the expectations that our customers expectations regarding work we perform on their behalf, which will be more traffic and business equaling more revenue.

On top of providing Web Design SOFLO solutions, we strategize, develop, and execute persuasive South Florida Web Design projects.


We are website designers, graphic designers, content writers, developers, and internet marketing experts. However small or big your company is, we provide web-related solutions for businesses in many different industries. We know the main thing is that the work and services we provide are focused on outcomes, conversions, and a solid return on your investment. As you think about your West Palm Beach web design or Wellington Web Design choice, we hope you select BlowFish Web Design and Development to be a part of your team. We’re the #1 Premier Website Design SOFLO & Web Design SOFLO agency.

Our services include web design, web development, website maintenance, company identity and branding, online marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

  • 40 percent proportion of individuals will leave a webpage if it takes too long to load.
  • 62 percent Increased sales percent of businesses with mobile-ready websites.
  • 93 percent proportion of individuals agree that a”great user experience” is more important than aesthetics.
  • 1,000 Reasons why you need to let us design your website.

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We understand how important your job is, we will do what it takes to get done in time and on budget.

After your project is finished, we believe in your business. We will do anything to help.

We understand the importance of a well-thought-out, intended user experience & layout.

Our website designs are mobile responsive and friendly, looking great on phones and tablets.

Contact Us Today And See How We Can Get You That Perfect SOFLO Website Designed


If your looking for a professional, custom web designer to construct an excellent website then BlowFish is for you! We have 15+ years working with WordPress website development and SOFLO Web Design jobs in the South Florida region. We’ve got experience developing high-quality websites for a broad selection of customers across Florida, and the United States. The subsequent procedure below will help to guide you through the steps BlowFish Web Design takes to make sure your custom WordPress web design is made for you to the maximum standard plus delivered within the agreed timeframe and your website design funding.

BlowFish Web Design & Web Development in South Florida is our company. We’re located in Palm Beach Gardens and serves customers throughout Florida in cities like Wellington, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and much more.

We have over 450 businesses, organizations, and customers throughout SOFLO from Miami, Boca Raton, Wellington, and Jupiter. BlowFish assembles Web Design SOFLO projects for many diverse businesses here in South Florida such as SOFLO web design, building company websites, attorney web design and law firm web design, company website design, accountant web design, bookkeeping web design, retail web design, restaurant web design, school web design, non-profit web design, organizational websites, church web design, boating web design, marine distribution web design, landscape web design, and any other company or organization websites.

Contact Us Today And See How We Can Get You That Perfect SOFLO Website Designed


We provide custom SOFLO Web Design solutions that meet your needs within your budget. We have many happy clients and companies we operate in South Florida and across the state. If you have a website that needs a better look and feel, a CMS so that you can manage content on your website, a site where you can compose and discuss your ideas, knowledge, and information with the world, an e-commerce program so that you can sell goods or any other sort of online presence, please get in contact with our Web Design SOFLO pro team.

In addition, BlowFish helps clients maintain their present websites. Your website might require monthly updates which range from image replacements, altering content & copy, backing up the website daily, and upgrading the plugins & security. We can work out a plan with you or your company that is suitable for your requirements so that you do not need to worry about your website’s upkeep. Leave the Website Maintenance to us!

We also supply SOFLO Marketing, Florida SEO, along with other South Florida company Search Engine Optimization services. We’ve worked with loads of companies in Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Wellington, and the greater Palm Beach, Broward County area to help them improve their search engine rankings and rankings. How would you prefer to drive 10x more Google traffic to your company website? Crush and control your competitors with BlowFish SEO. If your business isn’t getting any internet traffic, your opponents are chewing you up and spitting out you! We can help you increase your online traffic with up-to-date online marketing strategies. If you do not have a presence online nowadays, your business is invisible to the world.


When we construct a website we maintain your business needs into the front of our thoughts. Not only do our websites look great, we think of the end results which is getting you more customers. We put the call-to-action bars throughout your website that’s to bring web traffic around to getting paying customers. All our websites are developed to be observed on multiple devices that are called responsive. All our websites are built with powerful Content Management Systems such as WordPress and we examine industry trends to ensure your website can be viewed from the search engines and your customers.


We would like to know as much about your company as possible. We want to display your story on your website and communicate this to your customers. What’s your business about, how long has it been around, how did it get its start. What are the doctrine and capabilities which make your company unique? In addition, getting to know each other builds trust on either side.


we would like to know what your objectives are, business logic, and your own expectations. We then develop solutions based on your cyclic business season, notions, and brainstorm ideas that will lead to chances for success. As soon as we reach shared objectives we’ll think of a concept for your website.

Contact Us Today And See How We Can Get You That Perfect SOFLO Website Designed


we’ll begin to develop your website and stay in communication with you to ensure everything is going as planned. Since the website comes to a close, we’ll ensure everything is in order. We want to be certain you get the website that you desired.


we’ll train your employees to utilize the website, create articles, add images, and whatever else they might have to keep the site going in the right direction.


If your website needs ongoing support and help. We’re able to run all maintenance for your website. Contact us to find out more about our charges for web maintenance.


We ensure that your website goals are met and the results exceed your expectations.

We think a website or port is a thing of beauty — but unlike some agencies, we are equally focused on the technical and aesthetic aspects.

For us, it is all about clear, usable design and using the latest web technologies to create great user experiences. As a company, we’ve got a combined experience of 80 years building web applications and websites of all sizes and shapes.

We have worked hard to attain our standing, and whether we are working for smaller start-ups or massive corporations we apply the exact levels of consideration, care, and attention to detail.

Contact Us Today And See How We Can Get You That Perfect SOFLO Website Designed.


The challenge isn’t just to develop a web presence you’re proud to call yours, however, to make certain that your content and brand were created with each device in mind.


We put our hearts into every job we’re hired to finish. No matter the strategies required, you can trust that we’ll make you and your brand stand out.


We all know that most business owners don’t have the time freedom to learn all of the paths of marketing and execute them efficiently while still growing their company.


The branding process is one of the most fascinating parts of web design. We’ll get to know your organization and goals that will help you maximize your organization’s potential.


Why should your website be cellular-ready? Because those visiting your website need it to be.

What web-enabled ‘apparatus’ are you currently using to view this website — a desktop PC or a notebook perhaps? Statistically speaking, at least 50 percent of you are reading this with a touch-based mobile device like a Smartphone or Tablet. And that percentage is only set to increase, making desktop and notebook users a minority when it comes to those seeing any website.

Research by Google reveals an enormous increase in Smartphone use, with the US with the highest growth of. Similar gains are replicated with Tablet usage. The results of Google’s research is reflected in a number of other surveys.

Furthermore important to realize, however, is the Smartphone is an ‘always on’ device, making the Web accessible at all times from virtually anywhere. Smartphone users have their devices with them all day, every day, where they go.

How can I find a south florida website designer?

Start getting all of the benefits that a high-quality WordPress website has to offer before your overrun. For the best SOFLO website design company,  you do not need to look any further than BlowFish SEO. We can help build, launch, and optimize your business website on WordPress in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Connect with our experienced web designers by filling out our free website assessment form today!

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Robert DiSalvo SEO

Robert DiSalvo SEO Is well versed in the profession and Internet marketing since 1995., Robert DiSalvo Is considered an Internet marketing expert and Brings Seriously Experienced Inbound Marketing Campaigns to the table.

Prior To heading BlowFish SEO full Time, Robert Headed very successful internet inbound marketing campaigns for Bella Sante Day Spa's of Boston and Red Door Spas increasing their yearly Gift Card Sales by over 400% and increasing customer appointments over 300%.

Currently, Robert DiSalvo is focused in the Areas of Voice Search, Mobile Search, and local search algorithms. Robert believes that by 2019 most mobile searches will be conducted by voice by mobile devices or virtual assistants and it is very important to get your positioning in the search engine rankings as soon as possible.

2005 To 2013 Robert DiSalvo Held Practice as an Internet Inbound Marketing Consultant for various web based companies.

1999 through 2005, Robert held The positions Of Director Of Lucid technologies in the first 6 months as a startup in the Internet marketing Industry produced revenue of over 10 million dollars a Year.

1994 through 2000 Robert Held the position of president of New Power BBS the first Palm Beach county Internet service provider with revenues in excess of 8 Million Dollars Pre Internet 1984 to1994 Robert Ran A Major FidoNet Hub In Boca Raton Florida handling Electronic Mail for AT&T and The U.S Government And Started One Of The First Online BBS's Called New Power in Boca Raton, FL